Can Whole Foods be MORE fabuLESS than Walmart?

Most people have the preconceived notion that “discount” stores are the place to shop if you want to save the most money.. but don’t be too sure, sometimes the “expensive” stores are WAY more fabuLESS… check out the scenario below!

Organic Quinoa is $4.94 for 12oz (equivalent to $6.59/lb) at Walmart– do you think it’s less or more to buy organic quinoa at Whole Foods? If you guessed that it would be MORE expensive then you’d be…. WRONG!

Save a whopping $3.10/lb or 47(!)% by shopping at Whole Foods instead of Walmart! Organic Quinoa is $3.49/lb this week at my local Whole Foods– even at the regular price of $3.99/lb it’s still $2.60/lb less or a savings of 39% if you shop at the “expensive” store instead of the “discount” store– shocked? Don’t be! Whole Foods can be fabuLESS! Plus if you bring your own reusable, grocery bag, you’ll save an ADDITIONAL $.10 off your bill– saving you EVEN more.

Happy Whole Foods-ing!