Some fabuLESS thrift store finds!

Those of you who follow me on Facebook know that I’m on the hunt for some fabuLESS finds for my home office (which I’ve entitled my “mom cave”)– when it come to solid (non-upholstered) furniture, I *always* head first to the thrift store– older furniture tends to be both more solidly built (I <3 dovetailed joints and other details that denote quality!)– and, when you find furniture at a thrift store, it’s often at a way, WAY fabuLESS price compared to what you’d pay new– like 90% off!

Though I’ve long been an advocate of thrift-ing for furniture and accessories– namely, costume jewelry and handbags, I’ve been less enthused about the selection that I’ve found for clothing and shoes. Not that I’m opposed to thrift store clothes and shoes, mind you, just that I’m perfectly happy paying thrift store prices for shoes and clothing at “expensive” stores! 😉

I think that I must have had some great shoe karma going on today because I am still in disbelief at the fabuLESS finds I found today two of my local thrift stores, take a gander at the fabuLESSness below:

First up, Lelli Kelly shoes in my youngest kid’s size– for a piddly $2.99 (these retail for around $70– yes, that’s right, $70 for a pair of toddler sneakers– yikes!)– they have a touch of toe wear but the insides were SPARKLING clean, they look like they’d never been worn– she loved them so much that I had to take an “action shot” because these puppies were NOT coming off of her feet.  Did I mention that they were $2.99?!

Yes, I am fully aware that I live in Florida but since we do have relatives that have decided to stay up North where it snows (brrrrrrrrr) we do need winter gear for about a week per year– so I try to minimize my “investment” in winter gear as we get so little use out of it.  So imagine my surprise when I walked into a thrift store in sunny South Florida on a 90* day and saw these gorgeous Kamik boots in (what I estimate) to be my two younger kids’ sizes for next winter– I got the pair of ’em for $11.91– Kamik boots retail for upwards of $70 EACH.  And I don’t believe that either pair had ever been worn.  If for some reason we don’t get to use these next winter, I can easily consign or sell these for FAR more than I paid for them– again, I got them for under $12 total and they retail for approximately $140 total– um, wow, fabuLESS!

And, now for my favorite find of the day– check out these hot heels from Michael Kors (MICHAEL KORS!!) that I got for $9.99– Michael Kors sandals retail for upwards of $200(!) and again, these have barely any wear– and most importantly, they’re not only CA-ute but they’re comfy– oh how I love a stacked wooden heel, I plan to rock ’em all summer long.  Again, 10 bucks for Michael Kors?! Yes, please!

Happy thrift store-ing!