Live fabuLESS: How to raise cash in a flash!

Hopefully you’ve been starting to save BIG by following some of the tips and techniques found here but if you need to raise some cash in a flash, here are a few ways to get the cash you need right NOW, without getting that hard to find and time consuming second job.

1) Return past purchases– chances are excellent that you have a few items that you recently purchased that you can return to the store– if you don’t absolutely need them, return them! Find said item (and preferably the receipt) and run back to the store to get your money back. Most stores have a 90-day return policy— check the back of the receipt and/or the stores’ website to check!

2) Sell your jewelry, but only to a REPUTABLE dealer.  Get a quote from a few jewelers and/or dealers before you hand over your valuables.  Gold just hit an all time high, but bear in mind a few things– the price that you hear per ounce on the news or see in the paper is for PURE gold, which is 24K– and, unfortunately, there are MANY places that will try to buy your gold at FAR below its actual worth.

But if you sell, like I did, to a reputable jeweler– those broken, unworn and unwanted can be worth a pretty penny.  And since you’re likely not the only person that you know that can use a little spending money this time of year, why not consider hosting a gold party? Again, the same caveat applies– make sure that you are getting top dollar not only for yourself but for all of your friends.

You can reach my jeweler, Steven Kersh at either or call him at 561.294.5761– if you’re local to South Florida, he’d be happy to either come to your home or meet you somewhere mutually convenient.  I’ve asked Steven to give anyone who mentions my name (JODI or even just say “Live FabuLESS”) a bonus of 10% instead paying me a finder’s fee– I really want to ensure that you all get as much as you can for your valuables.

Steven also hosts gold parties– not just in South Florida– but he’ll travel anywhere in the US and Canada– you will not only help your friends raise some much needed cash, but you can also earn a 10% ‘finder’s fee’ which you can either keep for yourself or share with your friends– your choice!  If you want to use a gold party as a fundraiser for the charity of your choice, your synagogue/church or even a school– he’ll donate 15%, instead of the regular 10%.

If you’re NOT local to South Florida–  you can actually mail your items to Steven– he’ll even reimburse you for your insured and tracked shipping.  And you’re under NO obligation to sell if you don’t like his quote– he’ll even ship your items back to you on his dime.  For his mailing address and additional information, click HERE

3) Sell items of value on eBay or Craigslist– you can sell just about anything: clothing, toys, collectibles, etc.  Be sure to have nice, clear photos and a thorough and accurate description and title.  If selling on Craigslist, be sure to meet the buyer in a public area and don’t go alone to further ensure your safety.  Another option is to use a trading assistant which will sell your items in exchange for a percentage of the selling price– sometimes it’s better to leave the selling to the professionals.

4) Have a garage sale– you probably won’t get nearly the money that you would by listing on eBay or Craigslist, but no picture taking, shipping or delivery is  necessary.  Get together with your neighbors and have a block garage sale to draw more attention.  Publicize and advertise in your local community.

5) Sell your plasma– yes, selling your blood– or at least a portion of it.  Desperate times may call for desperate measures and it’s the ultimate in renewable resources. You can usually donate twice a week maximum.

Most importantly, don’t raise this cash only to blow it all on things that are either overpriced or that you don’t truly NEED– with just a little bit of planning and preparation you can make your money work as hard as you do!