Ebates: Sweeten the Savings! Get cashback for shopping at your favorite
online stores!

I *never* shop online without first checking to see whether I can sweeten the deal with cashback from ebates (and you shouldn’t shop without checking ebates first either!)–

What’s ebates? Simple, ebates is a website that offers cashback from over 1000 stores– including the likes of:

eBay (up to 3% cashback)
Target (3% cashback)
Walmart (1% cashback)
The Gap (4% cashback)
Old Navy (4% cashback)
The Children’s Place (3% cashback)
Kohl’s (4% cashback)
Shoebuy (10% cashback)
Restaurant.com (15% cashback)
hundreds more of your favorite stores!

It takes less than 15 seconds to sign up– and they’ll even give you a $5 bonus *just* for signing up (I’ll get one too, whoohoo! Just click through the link below)

To sign up now, click HERE

Once you’re signed up it’s easy and FAST to use– all you need to do is first go to ebates and find the link for the store that you want to shop at– click on the link, and you’ll be directed to the store’s homepage– shop as you normally would and– voila!– a few days later you’ll see the cashback show up in your account.  It’s a beautiful
thing to earn cashback *just* for clicking through their website– it’s SO easy, it’s almost criminal!

Four times a year, ebates will issue you a “Big Fat Check” with all of the cashback that you earned (checks are issued 2/15, 5/15, 8/15 and 11/15)– they’ll either mail you a check or even deposit your money in your PayPal account, your choice, as long as you’ve earned $5.01 or more in cashback for the previous quarter.

What are you waiting for? Sign up NOW!

Happy ebates-ing!

bTrendie: Get $10 in store credit– fabuLESS!

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Happy bTrendie-ing!

CVS Photo Center: 50 FREE prints– have them shipped to a CVS store and they’re ENTIRELY free!

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Happy CVS-ing!

PLEASE DO THIS NOW! Fill out a short form on kindness and Allergan will donate $25 on your behalf to Dress for Success, Children’s Action Network or Make It Right

This is so easy to do and will help SO much– click HERE and fill out the information required and in return, Allergan will donate $25 to one of three charities: Dress for Success, Children’s Action Network or Make It Right (YOU get choose which charity!)

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Bath and Body Works: $10 off $40, expires 6/27/10.

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Sweeten your savings and click through ebates to get an additional 3% cashback, if you’re not already signed up for ebates, click HERE to do so and start getting cashback from over 1000 stores. It only takes 15 seconds to sign up and you’ll get a $5
signup bonus (I’ll get one too, whoohoo!)

Happy Bath and Body Works-ing!

Thanks, Samantha!

GOLD JUST HIT A RECORD HIGH! fabuLESS Gold Party opening NOW and ends Friday, 6/25/10.

Gold just hit a record high– so sell it while the selling is good!  Also, if you’re local to South Florida or the Treasure Coast– you can always ask for Steven to meet you in person– he’s happy to come to your home, office– or another mutually convenient location.

Have some broken and/or unwanted gold that you’d rather convert into cash? Just received a credit card bill that almost made you faint? Well, here’s a way to raise some cash in a flash!

Also, if you’re interested in hosting a gold party of your own– Steven is willing to travel anywhere in the US and Canada to host one– you’ll even get a 10% ‘finder’s fee’ that you can share with the participants or keep for yourself– many people have successfully used gold parties as fundraisers for charities, schools, and many other worthy causes.  I have asked Steven to pay you all higher rates and reimburse for shipping, so I’m sharing mine with my readers– consider this your fabuLESS bonus ;)!

I’ve personally known Steven and his wife for over 6years– and this is the 11th (or is it 12th?) round of the gold party that I’ve held here on the blog.

Here are the current rates– which, of course, are dependent on the gold market– the rates I’ve quoted here are VERY conservative as I would rather underpromise and have Steven overdeliver– the actual rates that Steven is paying (as of today, 6/20/10) are a bit higher than those published here.

10K: $350/oz

14K: $550/oz

18K: $750/oz

The current gold party ends Friday, 6/25/10 (if you need more time, just email me and I’ll add you to the ‘slacker’ list!)

And, I encourage you to get an estimate from a local jeweler and see if you can get an equivalent or better rate– if you can beat the rate, take it!

You can contact Steven at stevenkersh@yahoo.com or call him directly at 561.294.5761 to get his mailing address– or you can also email me and I’ll forward you his address– you can reach me at jodi (at) livefabuLESS (dot) com

He will reimburse for your insured shipping (your best bet is either UPS or FedEx Ground– as they’re trackable, cheaper to insure than USPS, and you can require a
signature for delivery)– so either include a copy of the receipt or jot down the amount. Include your name, address (if you prefer a check) or PayPal account (if you prefer PayPal) and a way of contacting you– either phone, email or both.

Please be sure to include my name (JODI) or “fabuLESS” somewhere inside the package so he knows to give you the higher, group sell rate. If there are any stones in the pieces, he will remove them and send them back to you (he will pay for shipping) or, if they’re worth something and you prefer, he will try to sell them on your behalf.  Also, if you’re not happy with the quote for your gold– he will send the items back at his own expense– you are NOT committed to selling your items when you send them in– only once he calls you with an offer and you accept his offer.

Here are some quotes from previous gold party participants:

I originally took a leap of faith and mailed my old/broken gold to Steven after reading about him in Jodi’s newsletters. He immediately e-mailed me a $400 offer with a choice of payment via mail or directly into my PayPal acct. I chose the PP account and since it was right before Christmas, I was able to do all of my shopping online and felt like I was buying items for “free” considering it was money I didn’t have before! I then decided to host a party for my family and friends, in fact, have hosted two since December. Many of my guests had received estimates from local jewelers in the New Orleans area and Steven’s offer was significantly higher every time. Since then, many of my friends who attended the party have hosted their own parties. Everyone leaves happy. Steven is very professional, an expert jeweler, and is very laid back meaning there is NO pressure to accept his offer. He has been to N.O. so many times since December that we have officially inducted him into our “Who Dat Nation”! I highly recommend Steven without reservation.— Roxanne

Couldn’t agree more with everyone! Before Christmas I sold some jewelry with him and made $450 to spend on Christmas gifts!! He emailed me a quote right after he received my jewelry (that included my insured shipping costs) and once I had approved it, he deposited the amt in my Paypal acct. Very easy! And it was more than I thought I would get for some old jewelry! He was great to deal with, very professional, and
trustworthy. Thanks to Jodi for recommending him to the group!–Amy

I cleaned out my old jewelry sent it to Steven.He emailed me with the price quote when he received it.I had my Christmas money within 10 minutes after our email!! He placed it in my Paypal account as requested! WooHoo a grand richer at Christmas!! Thank you Jodi & Steven!–Angela

I sent several broken pieces and an old engagement ring (ha!) with several small diamonds and Steven called right away and gave me $325 and sent back the stone bc they weren’t really worth much to sell.  Great process and I suggest it highly!–Scout

Feel free to let me know if you have any questions!

bTrendie: Get $10 in store credit– fabuLESS!

To get $10 in credit, click HERE and sign up for emails (and I do not know when this promotion ends, so do it NOW!)

bTrendie has up to 70% off on kids’ and household items every day– but when they’re gone, they’re gone!

Happy bTrendie-ing!