Shoebuy: 20% off PLUS 10% off PLUS 10% cashback, ends 5/9/10.

To redeem click HERE and use code: EMLMOMDAY10

For those of you who think Buy One, Get One 1/2 off is so fabuLESS– did you ever stop to think that it really should be called buy TWO, get 25% off? It’s just not that fabuLESS– however, this Shoebuy deal is the equivalent of 35.2% PLUS no shipping AND no tax– now, THAT’S fabuLESS!

You can also save an ADDITIONAL 10% off if you use an email address that you’ve used to purchase with within the last 60 days or register a new email address.  In order to register a new email address, click HERE, then click “Savings & Updates” and then “Sign Up & Get Special Member Benefits”– the discount won’t show up until you check out (it won’t  show in the cart until you start the check out process)

Shop HERE or sweeten your savings and click through ebates to get a 10% cashback, if you’re not already signed up for ebates, click HERE to do so and start getting cashback from over 1000 stores. It only takes 15 seconds to sign up and you’ll get a $5 sign up bonus (and I’ll get one for referring you too, whoohoo!)

Happy Shoebuy-ing!

Old Navy: Online ONLY: 15% off $75 or 20% off $100, ends 5/12/10.

To shop, click HERE and use code: ONSAVEBIG

Be sure to stack this code on top of already reduced merchandise to maximize your savings!

Click HERE or sweeten your savings and click through ebates to get an additional 2% cashback, if you’re not already signed up for ebates, click HERE to do so and start getting cashback from over 1000 stores. It only takes 15 seconds to sign up and you’ll get a $5 signup bonus (I’ll get one too, whoohoo!)

Happy Old Navy-ing!

CVS: 50 TOTALLY *free* 4″x6″ prints!

To get the FREE prints, click HERE (only NEW email addresses will get the free prints! So, if you’ve already signed up, ask your husband/sister/mother/friend/someone to sign up to get the FREE prints!)

Have the prints shipped to your closest CVS store (or the CVS store closest to your mom or grandmother!!) and they ship for FREE– that’s right, 50 TOTALLY *free* prints– how fabuLESS– what a fabuLESS Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or Teachers’ gift!

Happy CVS-ing!

Exclusive fabuLESS promo: Stella and Dot: FREE shipping on ANY size order PLUS a fabuLESS bonus and a chance to win a shopping spree! Ends 4/30/10. Extended ’til Friday, 5/7/10.

-EVERY order will now have FREE shipping
-EVERY order over $50 (now ONLY $30!) will get a “live fabuLESS” pouch (while supplies last!)
-EVERY day ONE fabuLESS fan is going to win a giveaway of FREE jewelry– valued between $50-$150– how fabuLESS is that?

Here’s the pouch that you’ll get with a $50 purchase (shipped separately)– perfect for your jewelry, your makeup– or your coupons!


If you’re not familiar with Stella & Dot– brace yourself, it’s amongst the nicest and most stylish jewelry line that I’ve ever seen– and has been seen on celebrities and
in fashion magazines alike.  And they now have the most adorable little girls’ line that I’ve ever seen– not to mention that I can get my girls jewelry that matches mine, how fabuLESS is that?

In fact, it just launched 4/26/10! And all of it is not only adorable, it also comes in the cutest gift packaging that I’ve ever seen– what little girl wouldn’t love this as a birthday gift or a tooth fairy gift? See the whole line HERE

This fabuLESS promo is only available here, not on the main Stella and Dot site and not through any other stylist.  And, yes, you can forward this information on to your friends and family so that they can order too :)

Seriously, can we discuss how fabuLESS these are?

You can view the entire online catalogue HERE and you can view the sale items HERE– sale items are limited stock items, so don’t wait around or they will be gone!

You can order in any of the following ways:

1) Order Online: To shop, click HERE and then click on “find your hostess”– add me, Jodi Furman, as your hostess (IF YOU DO NOT ADD JODI FURMAN AS YOUR HOSTESS YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE FREE SHIPPING)– Please note the free shipping will NOT show up in your shopping cart, but once your order completes and your credit card is charged (for the full amount), you will receive a refund equivalent to free shipping — you can have that refund either in the form of a PayPal payment or as a check issued to you, whichever you prefer.  And, you will also receive a FREE “live fabuLESS” pouch if you order $50+ $30+ plus you’ll be entered to win the daily giveaway, no matter your order size!

2) Call or email: To order, view the catalogue HERE and then either call or email Elise with your order.  You can reach Elise at either (406) 696.9235 or email her at– or click here to send her an email—> Email Elise~Ind.
Stella & Dot Stylist

Elise will get you your total and you will be able to pay via credit card or PayPal
– however, if you pay via PayPal you will be responsible for the PayPal fees (2.9% + $.30)— there are NO fees if you pay via credit card.

All orders ship for FREE, regardless of the size, and ship almost immediately after you order– you don’t have to wait until ALL of the fabuLESS orders are placed for your item to ship. 

If you have ANY questions– just contact Elise at either (406) 696.9235 or email her

You can also visit Elise’s facebook fanpage HERE

And, if you’re interested in learning more about Stella & Dot— or interested in becoming a stylist and selling it yourself, click HERE to learn more– or feel free to contact Elise directly either via phone
(602) 790-8874 or email: for more information.

Happy Stella and Dot-ing!

Pure Romance: 40% off your order of $50+ and BOTH 40% off and FREE shipping for orders of $100+, ends 5/7/10.

Here’s how to order:

Call or text your order to Stacey at 561.236.3536 or email her at  In order to get both the 40% off, if you order $50+, and both 40% and FREE shipping, if you order $100+, you MUST call/text/email your order. 

The easiest way to shop is to view Stacey’s website HERE (but DO NOT ORDER ONLINE!) and pretend to shop online, add all of the items to your cart but DO NOT CHECKOUT ONLINE, rather you just copy and paste your entire shopping cart and email it to Stacey at instead.

Orders under $50 will receive 25% off– and all online orders, regardless of the size of the order, will receive 25% (but NO free shipping, even if you spend over $100)– so, again, your best bet is to order via email/text/phone.

And, if you’re interested in either hosting a party or signing up to sell Pure Romance yourself, contact Stacey at 561.236.3536 or via email:

Happy Pure Romance-ing!

Walgreens Photo: FREE 8″x10″ Photo Collage– with FREE pickup in store, ends 5/8/10.

To redeem, use code: GOODTHOUGHTS

The photo collage is COMPLETELY free if you pick it up in store– and you can send it to any store in the country! Is your mom or grandmother not local to you? Send the photo to THEIR local Walgreens instead of yours– what a fabuLESS Mother’s Day gift this would be!

Happy FREE Walgreens-ing!