Dapper Snappers: Exclusive fabuLESS discount: 45% off single dapper snappers (not valid on multipacks or fundraisers), ends 5/31/10.

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If you’re not familiar with DapperSnappers, here’s the inside scoop:

It’s not very often you find a pair of pants that fits your thinner child around the waist. All too often, the length of the pants is perfect and the waist is just too big which causes Droopy Drawers. Until recently the choices were limited to a cumbersome belt that made diaper changing and potty training nearly impossible or adjustable waistband pants that cost twice as much as regular pants. With as fast as kids grow, who could afford it? But now there is the Dapper Snapper! It’s a cost effective, easy to use, and fashionable answer to droopy drawers.

Here’s a quote from a facebook fan about Dapper Snappers:

Just in case there are any of you that don’t know this already–these things seriously ROCK! They are sooooo versatile. Anyone can use them. They are marketed for kids but I use them (and so do my 3 kids aged 5, 3, and 10 months) quite often -Sarah

Happy Dapper Snappers-ing!

Thanks, Michelle, for the fabuLESS discount!

Walmart: SELECTED STORES: Kids’ 100% Organic Cotton Pajamas on rollback for $3(!)

These are two piece pajamas with short sleeve tops and long pants– they were available in sizes 4, 6, 8, and 10 in my local store– and they were on rollback for only $3(!)– that’s WAY fabuLESS!  Check with YOUR local store as prices can and do vary from store to store– so call ahead so you don’t waste your time!

Don’t have a kid? Consider buying these and donating them to the Pajama Program– www.pajamaprogram.org– or click HERE for information on how to donate– or even just donate to a local shelter or the organization of your choice!

Don’t know why I can’t get that picture to rotate properly– sorry! In any case, they’re SO soft and the shirts are tagless– and they washed and dried nicely, too– to boot!

Happy Walmart-ing! And donating!

Stay fabuLESS! xo

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Old Navy: In store ONLY: Friday (5/28/10) and Saturday (5/29/10) ONLY: Take AN additional 50% off of clearance PLUS a $5 off $25 coupon!

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Happy Old Navy-ing!

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Ebates: Sweeten the Savings! Get cashback for shopping at your favorite
online stores!

I *never* shop online without first checking to see whether I can sweeten the deal with cashback from ebates (and you shouldn’t shop without checking ebates first either!)–

What’s ebates? Simple, ebates is a website that offers cashback from over 1000 stores– including the likes of:

eBay (up to 3% cashback)
Target (3% cashback)
Walmart (1% cashback)
The Gap (4% cashback)
Old Navy (4% cashback)
The Children’s Place (3% cashback)
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Restaurant.com (15% cashback)
hundreds more of your favorite stores!

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thing to earn cashback *just* for clicking through their website– it’s SO easy, it’s almost criminal!

Four times a year, ebates will issue you a “Big Fat Check” with all of the cashback that you earned (checks are issued 2/15, 5/15, 8/15 and 11/15)– they’ll either mail you a check or even deposit your money in your PayPal account, your choice, as long as you’ve earned $5.01 or more in cashback for the previous quarter.

What are you waiting for? Sign up NOW!

Happy ebates-ing!

Exclusive fabuLESS discount: Thirty One Gifts: FREE shipping for ANY sized order plus 10% off your ENTIRE order if you spend $100+, ends 5/28/10 at 10pm EST.

Get FREE shipping on ANY sized order PLUS 10% off your ENTIRE order if you spend $100+– this offer is ONLY available here and only through Kelly– not on the main Thirty One Gifts website or through any other consultant!

Plus if you spend $31, you can get an All-In-One organizer for only $5 (regularly $19.50)– spend $62, you can get TWO All-In-One organizers for $10 ($5/each)– I *love* my All-In-One organizers, I have TWO– one is for all of my coupon stuff– it holds my coupon inserts plus scissors, pens, etc– and the other is for all of my bills (that one says UNfabuLESS!)

How to order:

1) Order Online: Click HERE and click “shop now” (hint: if you want to see what the other patterns/color combinations look like, take a look at the catalog– you will NOT see the discount in your cart BUT your credit card will NOT be charged until Kelly adjusts your total to reflect the FREE shipping for ANY order plus an additional 10% off if you ordered $100+ 

2) Order via phone or email: Shop the catalogs– click HERE and then click on “View Our Catalog” and email your order to Kelly at kellyjferg@hotmail.com or call her at (402)278-1742.  She will then add the FREE shipping and the discount if you spend $100+, you can pay via debit or credit card.


My all time FAVORITE items are the insulated totes– not only would the smaller ones be perfect for snacks and lunches– the larger ones are ideal for taking groceries home (WITHOUT having to rush home! Perfect for the summer months– or year round in warm climates!)– there are a number of sizes to choose from– from snack size to HUGE!

Thirty One Gifts has a TON of variety– everything from tote bags to backpacks for toddlers to storage/organization for your car and home– to personalized stationery, and everything in between!

I *love* the idea of the skirt purse– you buy the “base” and then you can buy a bunch of “skirts” for the purse– all you do is replace the outside “skirt” and completely change the look of the purse, without having to truly change purses– that’s *brilliant*!

Pretty much everything in their catalog would make a great shower gift, Mother’s Day, or teachers’ gift– or even as a gift for yourself– they even have things for Father’s Day– how fabuLESS!

If you have ANY questions or would like to sell Thirty One Gifts yourself, contact Kelly at kellyjferg@hotmail.com or call her at (402)278-1742.

Happy Thirty One Gifts-ing!

Banana Republic: Online ONLY: Get 25% off your ENTIRE order of $100+, expires 5/31/10.

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You’re invited to two of the most fabuLESS places on the ‘net!

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Happy Hautelook-ing and Beyond The Rack-ing!