Most people save money the wrong way– once people realize that they need to cut back, what do they do? They cut out ALL of the fun stuff– dining out, cable, manicures, movies, travel–  all of the ‘perks’ that make us happy and keep us sane.  Great, so now you’re sitting in the dark in your house with nothing on TV (not to mention your hair and nails look a mess), yet you’re still going to the grocery store and paying full price for food (after all food isn’t exactly something that you can cut out, right?!)  OR you’ve watched an episode or two of Extreme Couponing so you’re now spending every waking hour clipping and sorting coupons and schlepping your 87 pound coupon binder with you everywhere. STOP.

FabuLESSness is different in that you’re going to learn how to save (and save BIG) where you can so you can still spend where you want– and you’re going to learn how to do so in a very simple, efficient, and rational manner– no traveling to 82 stores to save 82 cents, no coupon binders, and no splitting 2-ply into one ply– I promise.

A few rules that apply:

Let the deals dictate WHEN you’re buying, YOU still decide WHAT you’re buying.

Never buy anything just BECAUSE it’s cheap, but buy the items that you’d normally be buying WHEN they’re at a fabuLESS price.  You can still buy designer clothes, organic foods, and all of the other items that you crave and enjoy– just buy them when there’s a fabuLESS sale, that’s all.

Whenever possible, replace disposable with reusable.

People tend to balk at the ‘high’ price of reusable items ($20 for an insulated water bottle?!) but if you ‘invest’ in high quality reusable items like water bottles, snack bags, high quality microfiber cloths for cleaning and more– you’ll not only save money but you’ll also save the environment AND have a better quality item (i.e. an insulated water bottle that keeps your water cold WAY longer than a plastic, disposable water bottle that will stay in a landfill for hundreds of years– buying a few dozen ‘expensive’ microfiber cloths will prevent you from having to buy hundreds of rolls of paper towels AND clean better, too– fabuLESS!)

Spend/splurge where it counts, save where it doesn’t

For many things, you can let the price dictate your decision but often you need to spend a bit more to get quality that lasts.  Think of the price per use not just the absolute price.

Focus on what you spend– not on what you “save”

Only pay attention to the cost of items that you buy regularly and BIG purchases

Invest in quality

Throw out your preconceived notions

Strict budgets are UNfabuLESSness

Credit cards (used RESPONSIBLY) can be VERY fabuLESS

Stock up (but just a little!)

This is not a site about couponing, and as a fabuLESS shopper, you do *not*  HAVE to use coupons if you choose not to do so and you’ll still save big. But if you choose to use them (and I suggest that you do!), I’ll show you an extraordinarily efficient way to do so. I’ll teach you the fabuLESS way to shop by using matchups and how to UNclip your coupons—no more clipping and sorting those flimsy slips of paper. Most of the hard work is done for you—no more coupon binders or investing time to find coupons that may or may not even exist. If you draw up your shopping list using the fabuLESS method, you will spend only a few minutes extra to save up to 60 to 70% every time you shop at your favorite “expensive” grocery and drug stores. Wouldn’t you rather invest 30 minutes a week into the fabuLESS method of shopping to save a hundred dollars (or more!) rather than dropping your cleaning service and spending seven hours to clean your house for that same level of savings? Thought so!

FabuLESS provides a step-by-step plan on how to save on almost everything that you regularly buy. This site covers almost EVERY purchase that you will make in a year: from all the ways to save money on your groceries to trips to the drugstore, where loyalty programs, cashback, and the strategically used coupons can allow you to purchase all of your yearly needs for next to nothing. Learn the best way to buy clothes fabuLESSly well. For instance, high-end stores display their new season’s clothing months in advance of the actual season. By merely waiting until the season actually starts, you can save up to 70% or more on current styles. You can also buy wardrobe basics, like pencil skirts and layering tops, for next to nothing, freeing up the money you need to afford that hot, on-trend pair of boots.  We also cover the all-important topics of pampering, entertaining, utilities, car shopping, kids’ needs and gift giving.

An important part of being fabuLESS is knowing when to say when. Generally, you only have to pay attention to items that you buy regularly OR are a major expense, not every last item that you buy. There is a thought process that you can apply to most items that you will buy, plus specific how-to steps to saving on most of the major items. Don’t drive all over town just to save pennies. Choose one store and learn how to maximize your savings there.

One other thing: You will NOT have to wash your hair with dish soap, make your own laundry detergent, or split two-ply toilet paper into one-ply. Oh, hell no. FabuLESSness is rational and sane. There are far easier and less arduous ways to save money than making your own laundry soap—ones that take less time and save you more. This is not about deprivation, it’s about saving big on the items that you HAVE to buy so you have the money for the things that you WANT to buy, and then saving on those items, too. Oh, and I don’t “do” one-ply; some things are NOT worth saving on.

About the journey to total fabuLESSness..

If you’re just starting out on the fabuLESS journey, then you might think it’s going to take a LOT of work, a LOT of effort and tons and tons of time to get yourself fabuLESS– but the secret is that once you’re fabuLESS you’ll be SAVING tons of time *and* tons of money, too!  Think about it this way, if someone had to write out all the steps to either riding a bike or driving a car it would seem awfully complex– but the reality is that once you learn how, you can’t imagine NOT knowing how to do it or why you were so intimidated in the first place!  This is why over the next few weeks, I hope to launch a video series that will take you all through this step by step– I’m also looking into the possibility of webcasts, too!

It might take a little while for the fabuLESSness to “click”, but it WILL click– and I’ll be here to guide you every step of the process– and, once you get this down pat, you will spend LESS time and be MORE efficient than just about anyone else does on anything pertaining shopping– especially because you’ll rarely have to run out to the store (and pay full price– gasp!) for that ONE item you ran out of, forgot to buy and/or for a gift for a birthday party that your child ‘forgot’ to inform you about.  Kids grew out of their shoes overnight? No worries– you have a pair waiting in the closet for them (bought for a fabuLESSS price, of course!)  Your toddler decided to use your toothbrush on the dog’s teeth (this actually happened to me– twice!)– just reach under the sink to grab a new toothbrush that you got for free (or darn near close!)

Being fabuLESS isn’t about stockpiling to epic proportions, it’s simply having the items that you use regularly on hand since you ONLY buy them when they’re at a fabuLESS price rather than when you’re in dire need of them.  This is NOT about couponing, this is NOT about perfection– it’s simply about upgrading your lifestyle while simultaneously reducing what you spend.  But it’s also FLEXIBLE– it’s not about a strict budget or rigid rules– take what works for YOU and discard the rest, if need be.

Being fabuLESS is NOT just about saving money and lowering your bills– it’s mostly about SAVING TIME– after all, you can always make more money, you can’t ever make more time– stay fabuLESS!

The beauty of the fabuLESS system is that you can pick and choose what works for you and leave the rest for later—or never. Every link here has tons of tips, at all levels of saving.  You can go out for dinner for pennies on the dollar, travel fabuLESSly well, save on your utilities, use a store’s policies to your advantage without taking advantage of the store, use coupons without clipping, learn what “google cooking” is and how it will rock your world, throw parties big on the fun and small on the cost, learn how going green saves you green and even where to get spa services for free. Sound impossible? It happens to be easily achievable—it will even be fun! Ready to start? Let’s go!