It’s not how much you make– and it’s not even about how much you spend– the ONLY thing that matters is the difference between the two. 

Saving money by spending less on the items that you normally buy is the same as making more money, actually, it’s BETTER than making more money for a number of reasons– first and foremost, it often is more time efficient– meaning that you can ‘invest’ less than an hour each week into planning your grocery shopping (read HERE to learn how to do so in the most fabuLESS way possible) and spend $100+ less than you did previously (notice I said spend less NOT save more– the “savings” on the bottom of your receipt are NOT real savings, the ONLY real savings are the ones you deposit into your savings or investment accounts!)– and the $100 that you saved was “earned” from in your spare time, from home, without having to commute and can be done at your leisure.  I don’t know many jobs that are both that lucrative and that flexible– plus, you can ‘earn’ $100 while wearing your pajamas, I mean, how fabuLESS is that?!

Also, the $1oo that you don’t spend at the grocery store is $100 free and clear– if you were to get a job and needed to earn $100 free and clear, you’d likely need to earn upwards of $130 (maybe more!) to clear $100, depending on your tax rate.