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Prices and availability change often, all items were confirmed in stock as of 1:23pm 1/23/12.

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HURRY! BACK IN STOCK! $12.10 SHIPPED for TWO 15oz tubs of ORGANIC coconut oil– I use this BOTH to cook AND to moisturize my legs after shaving (and to moisturize my puppy’s nose, too!) It’s 100% natural and organic, too– fabuLESS! Click here:, opt for Subscribe & Save and use code: NUTIVJAN at checkout– fabuLESS! GO NOW, this sold out almost instantly last time I posted!

Six pack of FOAMING Method handsoap for $19.75 SHIPPED– buy these and refill them over and over– foaming soap lasts SO much longer than regular soap (and it works just as well, if not better as it distributes better and it doesn’t get everywhere like regular soap!), click here: and opt for Subscribe & Save! (You can buy the refills here:, get a 6 pack of 28oz refills for only $25.20– that’s ONLY $.15/oz– fabuLESS!)






ONLY $11.94 for Seventh Generation Laundry Detergent– available in Free & Clear or Citrus & Lavender– it’s HE safe, too! Click here: and opt for Subscribe & Save– fabuLESS!

‎$3.97 SHIPPED for a 20 pack of Seventh Generation Free & Clear dishwasher pacs, click here: and opt for Subscribe & Save– fabuLESS!

SIX bottles of Mrs Meyer’s handsoap are ONLY $15.86 SHIPPED, click here: and opt for Subscribe & Save– fabuLESS!

SIX 32oz bottles of Mrs Meyer’s Clean Day All Purpose Cleaner, as low as $33.71 SHIPPED (that’s WAY fabuLESS!) click here: and opt for Subscribe and Save!

Cascade ActionPacs, Dishwasher Detergent, ONLY $10.77 SHIPPED, click here:, opt for Subscribe & Save and click on the $.25 coupon– available in two scents– fabuLESS!

Charlie’s Soap Powder (for washing machines– BOTH regular and HE machines!)– this 2.64 lb bottle will wash 80(!) loads– it’s non-toxic and environmentally friendly (and it works great!) PLUS you can get it for as low as $10.19 SHIPPED– fabuLESS!Click here: and opt for Subscribe and Save!

$10.82 SHIPPED for TWO bottles of Tide HE shipped to your door– fabuLESS! Grab it here: (select High Efficiency and Origna Scent- spelled wrong!), opt for Subscribe & Save PLUS click on the $2 off clickable coupon– fabuLESS!

Get 30 Bounty paper towel rolls for UNDER $1 per roll SHIPPED!! First clip the coupon below to save $.25 THEN checkout VIA subscribe & save to save an additional 15% (you can cancel subscribe and save with just 2 easy clicks after this order ships!) so your pack of 30 paper towel rolls ships for just $30! fabuLESS!

‎ $25.23 for 40 Charmin Ultra Soft DOUBLE rolls SHIPPED– click here:, opt for Subscribe & Save and click on the $.25 coupon– fabuLESS!

Charmin toilet paper, ONLY $.92 per MEGA roll (that’s like paying ONLY $.23/roll, mega rolls are equivalent to FOUR rolls each!)– $21.80 SHIPPED, click here: and opt for Subscribe and Save and click on the $.25 clickable coupon– fabuLESS! LOVE having staples delivered to my house– no coupon clipping, no travelling from store to store, no lugging bulky packages– AWESOME!

$13.62 SHIPPED for SIX 25oz bottles of Lemongrass & Clementine Zest Seventh Generation liquid dish soap, click here: (and make sure you click on Lemongrass & Clementine on the right!) and opt for Subscribe and Save (which you can cancel as soon as this order ships– fabuLESS!) This is the dishsoap that I use and LOVE!