FabuLESS homemade body and lip scrubs!

Want to make some fabuLESS homemade holiday gifts– or even pamper yourself without spending a TON of money? Make your OWN scrubs– as an added bonus, you can use all natural, even organic ingredients *and* save money all at the same time– fabuLESS!


Lip Scrub

Want to get smoochable lips for just a few pennies and in less than 30 seconds? Do this:

1 tsp sugar (white, granulated sugar works best)

1 tsp oil (olive oil, canola or really ANY edible oil will work well!)

Mix the sugar and oil together in the palm of your hand using your finger.  Pick up some of the sugar/oil mixture and scrub your lips with the sugar/oil combination (it’s okay if you eat it, it’s FOOD!)– don’t scrub TOO hard or it’ll hurt a bit!

Alternatively, you can combine the sugar and oil in a small jar and store it– to use, shake VERY well, take out a small amount using your finger or a small spoon and scrub your lips until they’re smooth and smoochable!

Salt Scrub:

1 cup sea or kosher salt
1 cup olive oil
add any spices or essential oils that are safe for skin contact– ginger and cinnamon both work well!

Mix the salt and oil VERY well using a fork– then allow the salt to settle (takes approximately one hour), then scoop the mixture into a pretty (preferably plastic– as it will be in a bath or shower and you don’t want it to shatter!) container.  Tie with a pretty ribbon or even twine and add a label or hangtag.  Easy, fast and fabuLESS!

Sugar Scrub:
1 cup granulated (or raw) sugar
1/2 cup olive oil
Optional: lemon juice and/or scented essential oil(s)

Simply mix well and place into a pretty (preferably plastic) container– tie with a ribbon or even twine– fabuLESS!