Ah, gadgets– how I love thee- but ONLY, and this is important, ONLY if you save me time and make my life easier. Here are some of my favorites– each one is an item that I personally own and use- AND all of them have fantastic reviews from countless others, too!





A Ginzu knife set for a fabuLESS price– this has fantastic reviews and it’s VERY inexpensive, check it out HERE or here: http://amzn.to/u5IVyi   I do have other, more expensive knives, but since these are WAY cheap (in price, but not in quality!) I have NO problem tossing them in the dishwasher 😉


I *love* my hot air popper, it saves me SO much money and it allows me to offer a whole grain (yup, popcorn is a while grain– fabuLESS!) as a snack to my kids– and not only is it healthier but you can also make a TON of popcorn for WAY less than you can buy almost ANY snack– click HERE or here: http://t.co/QGvjT0F to check out the Presto PopLite HotAir Popper

LOVE my Misto sprayer– in fact, I have FOUR of them– one for canola oil, one for olive oil, one for balsamic vinegar, and one for cider vinegar.  I use them to season salads and other foods, to lightly oil pans and my grill, and so much more.  Click HERE or here: http://t.co/LnnWSFr to check out the Misto sprayer

I canNOT begin to tell you how much this pressure cooker (which is also a rice cooker and crock pot!) has changed my life– I can now make complete meals in UNDER 15 minutes, including prep– meals that normally would take over an hour in the oven or hours on the stovetop.  Get 2 hour taste in under 20 minutes– including whole grains, beans, brown rice and all of those foods that you might not normally make because they’re so time consuming to make– and you can throw in frozen proteins and have piping hot meals in no time flat! This is NOT your mama’s pressure cooker– it’s electric, so there is NO guesswork and you don’t have to babysit it either (and no exploding like pressure cookers of old!)– oh, and the insert is DISHWASHER safe– LOVE that! Check it out HERE or here: http://t.co/auyvPZ4

Get perfectly sliced veggies without being a whiz with a knife– be sure to use the included guide so you don’t end up slicing your fingers instead! 😉 Check out the mandoline HERE or here: http://t.co/GMi9n9h

This is the *perfect* size, big enough but small enough– and all of the moving parts (well, all except the motor housing, of course!) are dishwasher safe– fabuLESS! I use mine for chopping onions, making sauces and dressings, for small baking projects, and so much more– check it out HERE or here: http://t.co/kRdmNHy