FabuLESS Finds for the Home:

It’s all about getting the right tools– and, whenever possible, replace disposable items with reusable items, too– that not only is good for the environment, it’s also good for your bank account!  Whenever possible, I try to clean with only homemade, non-toxic cleaners– you can clean just about anything with white vinegar, baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, water, and/or lemon juice.  ALL of the ingredients aren’t just non-toxic, they’re so safe that they’re edible (heck, most of them are FOOD!) I just whip up a batch directly in a spray bottle (just use a funnel to make your life easier!)


FabuLESS cleaner

(use this for glass, counters– as long as they’re not granite– this works fabuLESSly well on most solid surfaces in your home!)

-3 parts water

-1 part white vinegar

-a few drops of lemon juice and/or any good smelling food grade extract (I use a combination of orange extract and peppermint extract)


Here are some of the tried and tested tools that I use to keep my house clean and organized:






I use these microfiber cloths instead of paper towels– they’re lint free, don’t scratch my glass or wood, absorbent and I just toss them in the wash– LOVE them, plus they’ve more than paid for themselves since I don’t need paper towels for cleaning anymore– fabuLESS! Check ’em out HERE or here: http://amzn.to/u4RQxV



 I’m not normally one to wax poetic about a mop, but this one warrants it– if you LOVE your Swiffer Wet Jet but HATE buying disposable pads, expensive cleaning solutions AND replacing batteries? Then grab this instead– it uses a reusable pad (just wash it in the machine– and I definitely recommend buying a spare or two, so you always have a clean one ready to go!), you use your OWN cleaning solution, AND it does NOT require batteries– fabuLESS! Check it out HERE or here: http://amzn.to/nbqT1l


I have two HUGE shedding dogs, 2 shedding cats, and two daughters with long hair and I have hardwood floors over most of my house– I *need* to constantly pick up fur/hair and/or dust– rather than using a Swiffer and constantly having to buy disposable pads (which seem cheap at first but are WAY expensive over the course of time!) grab this Microfiber Floor Duster instead! It’s wider than a Swiffer, so you don’t have to sweep as much PLUS it has a reusable, washable microfiber head– buy a spare head or two so you always have a clean one ready to go! Check it out HERE or here: http://amzn.to/qljzfA





LOVE these krush storage containers, they squish down to nothing for storage (you can even keep them in the tiny space between your washer and dryer– fabuLESS!) but they open up and hold a TON.  They’re great for laundry, to use in the trunk of your vehicle for sports equipment, beach towels, or even for large and bulky groceries (perfect for when you buy paper products or shop at a warehouse store in bulk!)  Check ’em out HERE or here: http://amzn.to/qy2l11




This fabuLESS little tool is great at holding all of your brooms, mops and other, similar items.  The holder adjusts to the width of the handle and it’s great to NOT have all of my cleaning supplies falling over! Check out the Evriholder Magic Holder 5-Position Wall Organizer HERE or here: http://amzn.to/qgX168





I canNOT begin to tell you how fabuLESS this Wagner steamer is– it’s not just a steam mop, it also cleans windows, counters, grout, and any/every solid surface in your home using ONLY water– NO chemicals– fabuLESS!  It’s also REALLY fun to use (the hubs and I ‘argue’ over who gets to use it, it really IS fun!)  Check it out HERE or here: http://amzn.to/vvvEt2 





I must say that these are the BEST hampers I’ve ever owned, mainly because the kids can bring them downstairs all by themselves. LOL! Plus my son thinks it’s way cool to play “basketball” with his dirty laundry-hey, anything that helps encourage him to clean up works for me! $11.99 shipped, I’ve had mine for 2 years and they’re still going strong! Check it out HERE or here: http://amzn.to/pKWFao