Some fabuLESS reusable items– save money AND the Earth– fabuLESS!

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Some of these items might seem “expensive” at first glance but when you consider how much they’ll save you over ‘cheap’, disposable items– they’re WAY fabuLESS, in fact, they pay for themselves often in less than a month! Not to mention that they keep trash out of the landfill, so you are saving money AND the Earth– WAY fabuLESS!

FabuLESS reusable snack bags, made of recycled materials– perfect for kids as well as adults, lots of fun colors and patterns to choose from– the zipper closure makes it easy for little hands to open and close– as low as ONLY $4.99 and ships FREE– click HERE or here: PS These are perfect for makeup too ;)

These insulated straw cups will keep your water cold just about all day (even in direct sun!) plus they’re top rack dishwasher safe– fabuLESS! As low as $12.40 SHIPPED, check ’em out HERE or here:  






LOVE the thought of reusable bottles but HATE the taste of metallic bottles? Try these fabuLESS glass bottles– they’re protected by a silicone sleeve PLUS they’re dishwasher safe– fabuLESS! $21.99, tons of fun colors to choose from (I designate a color per person in our family so I know who left theirs out, ha!) and ship FREE with any Amazon Prime: Lifefactory 22-Ounce Beverage Bottle, click HERE or here:


These fabuLESS reusable containers are PERFECT for snacks and kids’ lunches– I use them in my purse for nuts, raisins and other smallish snacks– and in the kids’ lunch boxes for sandwiches and cut fruit/veggies– they’re easy to open but don’t ever pop open, if that makes sense– as low as $12.99 SHIPPED– fabuLESS! Click HERE or here:


Have these and LOVE them– they’re fabuLESS for the farmer’s market and great for organizing toys or even for packing toiletries or shoes– grab them for ONLY $10.80 shipped: click HERE or here:


Have these, they are the BEST insulated, portable coffee mugs I’ve EVER owned– they’re leakproof, they keep coffee hot for a LONG time, they’re top rack dishwasher safe (according to the instructions and they’ve held up for over a year!) and they’re stainless steel through and through, NO plastic– fabuLESS! Check ’em out here: At $17.96, they’re not inexpensive BUT if you bring your own coffee instead of buying it, they’ll pay for themselves in approximately 2 weeks– even faster if you have an expensive coffee habit! 😉 I’m not the only one who loves these: “these are the BEST! totally worth the price. I have 6 of them and take my own drinks (hot or cold) with me everywhere.” -Colleen