Where’s the best place to buy groceries?

Generally, the most “expensive” store in your area is actually the most fabuLESS store– when you shop there the fabuLESS way, of course.  It’s only in VERY rare instances that Walmart and/or warehouse stores (Costco, Sam’s, and/or BJs) are the best place to shop.

How many stores should I be going to each week?

Do not go to 18 stores to save $.18, fabuLESSness is as much about saving time as it is about saving money.  I only go to ONE grocery store, ONE farmer’s market and ONE drug store– and I don’t go to the drug store every week, only when the deals are fabuLESS enough.  I spend less time shopping than almost anyone I know– plus I know EXACTLY what I’m buying (including the quantity) so I can get in and out of the store in no time flat– and soon you will, too.

How much time should I be spending couponing?

Barely ANY.  Coupons are only ONE tool for saving money– not the ONLY tool.  It’s inefficient to clip and sort coupons because coupons are ALREADY organized by date.