Some pictures to prove that “expensive” stores are MORE fabuLESS than “discount” stores!

I can’t tell you how many people have told me “I can’t afford to shop at (insert name of “expensive” store here)”– and my response is always the same “I can’t afford to shop at discount stores!”– and here’s EXACTLY why:

Here’s the “unbeatable” price of $1/box for generic pasta at a “discount” store– which might seem like a ‘bargain’ since the retail price for name brand pasta ranges fro $1.39 to $1.99/box, but you CAN and WILL do better by shopping fabuLESSly at an “expensive” store

And here is a sale at a “full price” and “expensive” grocery store (this happens to be Publix, a store in the Southeast part of the country– but it could be ANYWHERE– Kroger, Harris Teeter, Wegmans, HEB, etc)– notice that they retail price for the box of pasta is $1.39 (which is $.39 more than the generic at the “discount” store) BUT it’s also Buy One Get One FREE this week– which makes the price per box ONLY $.70– or $.30 LESS than the generic– not too shabby, right? But we’re not done yet, let’s step up the fabuLESSness a notch!

On the coupon matchups, there is also a link to a printable coupon for this brand of pasta (please note I did NOT have to search around for this coupon– it was already “matched up” for me on the matchup!)– the coupon is worth $1 off 2 boxes– so when I “stack” or combine the sale WITH the coupon– I paid $.39 for TWO boxes of pasta or approximately $.20 per box– that’s a savings of almost 86% off retail.   Now THAT is fabuLESS!

Now, some stores might not have such agressive sales as Buy One, Get One FREE– but often those stores have OTHER promotions like coupon doubling and even coupon tripling(!)– in any case, it’s a rare ocassion that I’ll find that a discount store is a true bargain– and supporting your local grocery store, while often getting better prices AND better service, too– is the very definition of fabuLESS!

If you want to get started– click HERE to learn how to be fabuLESS!