FabuLESS cookbooks!

Even if you’re a great cook, it’s always great to have some reference books– here are some of my personal favorites!

Click HERE or here: http://t.co/1S7UsXK to check out How To Boil Water by Food Network Kitchens.  This is a GREAT primer with tons of basic information about how to select the best cuts of meat, how to roast a chicken, and each recipe has TONS of tips on how to make things efficiently AND how to make them yummy, too! Great for a newbie AND it’s also immensely helpful for even a relatively experienced cook like me– HIGHLY recommended!

Click HERE or here: http://t.co/PIg1vnc to check out Pressure Perfect: Two Hour Taste in Twenty Minutes Using Your Pressure Cooker by Lorna J. Sass; I *adore* my pressure cooker (check it out HERE or here: http://t.co/08xs7O0) but since I was completely new to pressure cooking I needed a cookbook that didn’t just provide recipes but shared the process to pressure cooking so I could adapt some of my favorite recipes– and this book delivers in a BIG way.  It not only has great recipes but it has advice how to adapt recipes and guides on how long and different techniques for cooking proteins and veggies to perfection– fabuLESS!