Get fabuLESSly Organized: Does your family have a “Command Center”? It should!

How do YOU keep track of your busy life? All of the appointments, shopping lists, menu, parties, meetings and the like? Well, welcome to my fabuLESS “Command Center”– also known as my kitchen wall 🙂

The chalkboard is where we write important reminders and messages– the seven whiteboards on the left are where I write that day’s activities and menu– the corkboard below the chalkboard holds a calendar and important numbers– and the corkboard on the right is for important papers and will have a pad of paper for a shopping list, too.

The ENTIRE wall cost me $123– everything except for the whiteboards (which are really just frames with a blank sheet of paper in them– you can use ANY glass frame as a whiteboard!) were purchased at HomeGoods– the frames came from IKEA.

You can see an album including close ups of my command center HERE

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Happy getting fabuLESSly Organized-ing!