Amazon Prime gets you FREE two day shipping on almost everything that Amazon sells with NO minimum– and THAT, my dear friends, is WAY fabuLESS– especially when you can get that privilege for FREE (or darn near close!)

PAID memberships, (but NONE of the FREE memberships!) also include FREE and unlimited video streaming- a fantastic benefit! Keep reading to find out what options are available to you!

One month FREE trial

Amaon prime month trial

If if you do not qualify for Amazon Student (or if you’ve used up your FREE trial) your best option is to sign up HERE for a FREE one month trial of Amazon Prime.   At the end of your month’s trial it will AUTOMATICALLY renew, unless you do the following:

Click HERE to go to “Manage Your Prime Membership”

Then, click “Do Not Upgrade”

That’s it!  If you neglect to do this and still want to cancel, simply click HERE to contact Customer Service, you will get a prorated refund for your unused time.  But BEFORE you cancel you might want to keep reading the next paragraph on how you can KEEP your Prime Membership for ONLY $15.80/year

Click HERE to start YOUR FREE trial!


Share a Prime Membership for ONLY $15.80 per YEAR


With a PAID membership, you can share your Amazon Prime membership with up to FOUR other friends or family members, each person will receive the FREE two day shipping benefits as though they had their OWN membership (but, ONLY the primary member will have the unlimited access to FREE video streaming — this is a WAY fabuLESS deal to have many of the benefits but at only 1/5th the cost ($79 divided by 5 is $15.80!)

Click HERE to grab an Amazon Prime membership, then click HERE to “Manage Your Prime Membership” and scroll down until you see “Share Your Benefits” and follow the instructions.


Amazon Student:









One option is to join Amazon Student– click HERE to check it out.  If you’re a student (you will need to enter your school AND have an email address ending in .edu) you get a FREE Amazon Prime membership for six months, once your six months are over your membership will automatically renew at a cost of $39 a year for up to four years with automatic renewal UNLESS you click HERE and select “do not upgrade” if you do NOT automatically renew!  However, you might want to consider renewing since at $39, it’s half the price of a regular membership and, in addition to FREE 2 day shipping with *no* minimum, it ALSO includes FREE, unlimited video streaming (which NONE of the FREE memberships include!)

Click HERE to get started with YOUR *free* Amazon Student membership and to check out all of the information!


Do you have any additional information or are there any corrections needed? Simply comment below- thanks! (Information presumed accurate as of 9/5/11, but Amazon can and does change their programs often!)