FabuLESS Amazon GROCERY finds!

Amazon can be quite fabuLESS– even for groceries– getting shelf stable items for LESS without having to leave the house, clip coupons, or go to the store is WAY fabuLESS!

Subscribe and Save: When you order some of these items, you’ll see an option for Subscribe and Save that gives you BOTH an additional discount and FREE shipping on your purchase.  You are NOT obligated to receive additional shipments, simply cancel the subscription by clicking HERE (or here: http://t.co/rmX5wvY) AFTER your initial purchase ships (this is IMPORTANT, do NOT cancel until AFTER the first order ships or you will cancel your purchase!)  The prices listed also assume that you’re using Subscribe & Save.

Also, Amazon’s prices can and do vary wildly (even within an hour, let along a day or a week!)– plus, items sell out (and are often restocked within a day or two)- I do my very best to keep this list up to date, but bear in mind that I do not and cannot control Amazon’s pricing fluctuations.   If you find a great deal or find that one listed is expired, kindly comment on this post to let me know, thanks!

(updated 9/4/11)

Forty eight PopTarts shipped to your front door for ONLY $8.66 (these ONLY enter my house when it’s hurricane season and we’re in significant danger of sustaining a direct hit– now do you understand why my kids like hurricane season?!) Check ’em out HERE or here: http://amzn.to/r5fgrU

More fabuLESS grocery savings on Amazon(!), seriously! Snag FOUR boxes of Frosted Mini-Wheats for ONLY $8.77 shipped to your front door– no coupon clipping needed! Check it out HERE or here: http://amzn.to/qtaFHk and opt for Subscribe and Save to get the price down to $8.77 (don’t worry, you can cancel the subscription as soon as this item SHIPS– fabuLESS!)

Need peanut-free snacks for your kids (or yourself?!) These are fabuLESS! Animal Crackers (36 2oz packages for ONLY $10.35 shipped to your door when you opt for subscribe and save (which you can easily cancel with ONE click AFTER the first shipment is shipped!)– check ’em out HERE or here: http://amzn.to/qvVjEM

24 bags of Teddy Grahams for $6.77 SHIPPED when you opt for Subscribe and Save– seriously WAY fabuLESS! Grab ’em NOW before they’re SOLD OUT– check ’em out HERE or here: http://amzn.to/r1hcSG